Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Managing a Tenancy Requires Skill

Owning property is generally a very safe investment over the long term, especially with the real estate boom that has occurred in recent times, but it’s still important to have a tenant who pays the rent on time and takes care of your property.

To begin with, property managers thoroughly understand your rights and obligations as a landlord as well as those corresponding to your tenant. This is important because you always want to be on the correct side of the law.

The next thing is to carefully choose your tenant. Property managers have the everyday experience and wherewithal to give you the best chance of having a creditworthy and reliable tenant.

When your tenant moves in there is the condition report to properly fill out. This shows that the tenant and you agree on the condition of the property at the time the tenant moves in. Your property manager will make sure it includes every necessary detail, so that when your tenant leaves, the same report can be used to assess any wear and tear on the property. Experience counts in determining such matters.

During the tenancy you always want your property properly maintained as well. Your property manager will handle all repairs as they arise while periodically inspecting the property on your behalf and alerting you to any maintenance issues.

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Hira Khan said...

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Kendrick said...

I learned after renting on my own that your are right, the property manager is a huge asset to keeping the peace between all parties. The condition report is huge when it comes to protecting both you and the tenant. Rather than you dealing face-to-face with an angry tenant, the manager can often calm things down and fix the situation so all parties involved are happy and the issue can be forgotten.