Friday, November 21, 2014

Bidding Boldly At Auctions

There is a school of thought for auction bidders that says start boldly, giving it your next-to-last big shot. This is in opposition to the start slow and go cautiously school.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Yet, there is a logic in thinking bold. First of all, it may knock the wind out of other bidders’ sails. By the time they figure out what’s happening, the hammer may have sounded. Without the chance to warm up, the opposition may simply never get started. There is also the risk that if the other party gets warmed up first, the auction could rapidly move along before you, yourself, have your bearings.

Then there is the chance that the auction will not reach the reserve price. As the person making the strongest bid, you will be given the first right to negotiate with the seller as soon as the bidding ceases. This may be the most vulnerable time for the seller, for their position may harden with the passage of 24 hours. So your chances of a compromise are greater.

Another idea is to attend some other auctions beforehand to get experience, preferably with the agent selling the house you have in mind. This will give you a better idea of what you may encounter. You should also have in mind your ideal price, what you could comfortably pay and your absolute maximum price. This will give you the confidence to be a bold bidder.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

How to Attract a Long-term Tenant

If you own an investment rental property and want a long-term tenant, then you have to put yourselves in their shoes. Tenants are like owner occupiers. While struggling to match the current rental prices, they expect value for their money. So you need to offer appropriate benefits. Here’s a list of tenant desirables:
1. A clean, tidy and well-maintained property. The tenant needs to feel that the landlord will attend to any repairs or maintenance issues and is willing to spend money on their investment property.
2. A good location. Just like owner-occupiers, tenants seek closeness to essential services to meet their lifestyle choices. Nearby shops, schools, transport and leisure facilities all count and are highly sought after.
3. Storage space. Tenants like plenty of storage and cupboard space. Everyone has personal items and plenty of possessions that need a space. This includes a safe place to park the car!
4. Little luxuries. Tenants all look for dishwashers, air conditioning and good heating. These appliances are at the top of their list.
5. New renovations. Tenants like fresh paint and new carpeting. They also like a fresh, airy feeling with plenty of light and will pay that little extra to feel comfortable.

These amenities can separate your property from a similar one in the area. Hence, it will have broader tenant appeal and can command a higher price than similar properties lacking these attributes.

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