Thursday, February 17, 2011


Congratulations to our Marsden office who received the Most Improved Office and the Service Centre Award at the Quarterly Awards held at Victoria Park Golf Club on Wed 16th February.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It’s Important to Properly Vet New Tenants

The first point of contact are inspections. Our property management department will provide an agent to personally show tenants through your property. This assists us to get a feel for the prospective tenant and there is no substitute for experience.

Then there is the actual filling out of the tenant applications. Once received, our property management personnel do a thorough tenant check. First on the list will be to contact their current agent to research how they treated their last rental property and whether or not they paid their rent on time.

The next step would be to contact their employer to confirm that they actually hold their stated job and to determine if they are reliable and trustworthy employees who earn enough income to pay the property’s monthly rent. Then we contact the referees for character references.

As a double check to the above, we use tenancy databases such as TICA to check for any recorded defaults against the applicants from past tenancies. As licensed real estate agents we have special access to these normally private sources. This gives you extra assurance.

No one can guarantee you against these sorts of problems, but with our careful vetting processes we can least minimise the chances of any losses and maximise the possibilities of acquiring a stable long-term tenant for your property.

If you have a question about real estate, or would like assistance in locating or selling a property, feel free to phone me, Noel Thompson Principal Professionals Logan Lifestyles at either Browns Plains 3800 4000, Marsden 3200 4495 or Springwood 3808 5544.