Thursday, June 26, 2014

Buying Decisions at Different Stages in Life

There are different real estate choices in life as one’s life progresses. The first one is when to move from a rented premises to an owner-occupied one. This is the most critical transition because it sets the foundation for every subsequent investment choice. Here are three important criteria to consider. The first one is job security. In order to get a loan, you’ll have a lot easier time if you’re permanently employed in a full-time position. Banks are less impressed if you’re a contract worker or have casual work. The second consideration is affordability. Once you have determined that your job situation is secure and you’ve duly saved up for all the purchasing costs including the deposit and stamp duties, then you will need to make the jump as soon as you can. This is because property always moves upwards over the long term. So don’t make the mistake of waiting for things to become more affordable. More often than not, they don’t. Now comes the third consideration—choosing the right location. You want to set the right investment foundation by choosing wisely. This will set you up for the future because you will watch your investment grow in capital value as land values rise. And location is a critical factor, simply because while all properties grow in value over time, some will grow faster than others. We at Professionals Logan Lifestyles can assist you on and real estate matter. If you have a question or are interested is a sale, purchase or lease feel free to contact me, on 0418 517 525 or call into our friendly offices at Westpoint Shopping Centre, Browns Plains a chat. Noel Thompson