Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Storage: A Journey Into Space

Family homes are designed to hold the furniture and possessions that the occupants need and accumulate over time. However, when family possessions become so numerous that they eat up all the available space it’s time to either move into a bigger home or expand the existing one to cope.
• Add a second storey
• Add a room/s
• Add a storage shed

The construction of additional rooms does not always solve the problem of clutter because family members always see the newly created space as potentially having another role – a games room, TV room, visitor’s bedroom etc.

Adding another level usually leads to a reallocation of space and the purchase of even more goods to fill the rooms.

Backyard storage sheds can vary from self-assembled ColorBond cupboards to an architecturally-designed granny flat.

Urban dwellers can find plenty of storage units available for weekly, monthly or annual hire. These can vary from something the size of a clothes cupboard to a double garage. In country areas it is often possible to cheaply rent an unused shed or garage.

In any event, carefully review your possessions before making expensive storage decisions. Why not let us at Professionals Logan Lifestyles look into your space problem because we have the experience and knowledge to suggest possible ideas that will suit your situation.

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