Thursday, August 6, 2015

Real Estate–A "Nest" And a "Nest Egg"

The stock market vagaries over the last year have brought home to many investors that bricks and mortar make a wise choice when it comes to investment. This is not merely being wise after the event. The evidence was always there. Real estate has a good record. Looking now at the increasing interest in property, one can see that people look for security as well as a sound investment proposition. Whether you are an investor or simply someone who is purchasing your own home, the benefits such an investment ultimately bring in terms of capital gains (i.e. the increase in the property's value), tax benefits, or income, can be considerable. There are also other advantages. For instance, if you rent out the property, such items as repairs/rates, and any loss between the income from the property and the mortgage repayments can be charged against your tax. This is known as negative gearing. Also, if your home is fully paid for, it can generate a handy income if let, which is worth considering if you intend travelling overseas or around Australia. If managed wisely, property is one of the few investments that can provide both a "nest" as well as a "nest egg". If you are planning to invest in property, it is wise to first contact a real estate agent. At Professionals Logan Lifestyles we offer friendly, professional advice regarding all aspects of property investment and management. If you require help, feel free to contact me, Noel Thompson, on 0418 517 525 or call into our friendly offices at Browns Plains for a chat.