Monday, June 28, 2010


Professionals Logan Lifestyles Congratulates Gabrielle Crossingham of Regents Park QLD. Gabrielle is the QLD winner in the Professionals 'Follow Me' Campaign - she won herself this awesome scooter!!!

What are the Traits of Successful Investors?

A recent article by a well-known property guru listed 10 traits of successful property investors he had known. Here is a summary.

People who have large, profitable property portfolios take full responsibility for their lives. They don’t blame others or conditions.

Successful investors don’t believe in luck. Their decisions are their own.

Once they decide, they stand by their decision. They don’t continue questioning it. They simply deal with problems as they arise.

Change doesn’t bother them. They see change as an opportunity. They never stay in a comfort zone. Otherwise they can be moving backwards.

They find investment opportunities where others see only problems. They can solve property problems, thereby adding value and making money.

Successful investors always invest. They don’t speculate. All decisions are based on facts. They tend to look for long-standing trends. They do not search for “hot spots” or fast turnover. They’re in property for the long run.

Very successful investors always build a team around themselves.

They use debt with discretion, but are not afraid of taking on debt.

Successful people tend to associate with other successful people.

They act with integrity following through on their decisions.

And, finally, they think differently than the average investor. They always keep the bigger picture in mind without getting bogged down in details.

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