Friday, September 26, 2014

Do Granny Flats Add Value?

The idea of adding a backyard structure can be very enticing whether it be for separate living quarters for an ageing parent, a private place for younger members of the family, a live-in nanny or, perhaps, a private office or study. But does it add value to the property? The quick answer is that providing it is aesthetically pleasing and in sympathy with the house and the backyard, it will add value to the property. As such, it provides a means to get the maximum realisation from existing services. As a workshop or bedroom, for example, it might well enable you to have a greater interaction between the garden and the house. However, building designer David Mulhall says building a separate structure is generally only wise if an extension isn’t possible or compromises a renovation. He believes people need to assess the merits of building a garden studio because they only appeal to a small segment of the market.
Mulhall says owners should consider renovating or extending their property before starting any backyard construction. Remember, too, to research and be aware of all the applicable building regulations, especially those dealing with dual occupancies.

Granny flats are also popular with families who have a dependent person including the elderly or a disabled family member who want to live close but not under the same roof. We at Professionals Logan Lifestyles can advise you on all matters which may enhance the value of your property. If you have any questions in respect of this article, or about any sale, purchase, letting or other real estate matter do not hesitate to call me on 0418 517 525 or call in to our friendly offices at Westpoint Shopping Centre Browns Plains for a talk.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Selling Your Home: Hold a Garage Sale

Clean and clear homes sell better. After all, not too many visitors will be thrilled to see other people’s mess in the homes they’re inspecting. You want to give your prospective buyers the chance to visualize the house with their lifestyle, not yours. So, if you’re thinking of selling your property, consider de-cluttering and selling some of your stuff first. Now you have the perfect time and/or excuse to get rid of those things just lying in your garage and gathering dust, or those tacky gifts given to you that you just can’t find a place in your home. And you’ll be making money at the same time. You can sell anything. Probably the only exception might be if you think you might regret selling something later on. Remember, what is junk to you may be treasure to someone else. Set up tables, clothes racks, and shelves in the nicest and most presentable way. You don’t want buyers driving by, glancing in and leaving, so make sure you arrange your goods in such a way that people will be drawn in.
Finally, you can also donate to charity. Hundreds of charitable organizations will be more than willing to take your stuff and clear your home for sale. Plus, you are reassured that your stuff will go out of its way to help someone else. Garages sales are fun. We at Professionals Logan Lifestyles encourage you to have one before the inspection program commences. If you have any question in respect of these hints, or about any sale, purchase, letting or other real estate matter do not hesitate to call me, Noel Thompson on 0418 517 525 or call in to our friendly offices for a talk.”