Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Be Decisive When Selling

Selling a property is like running a business. You need to be decisive.
You are either in the market or you are out. Nothing will happen if you’re half-hearted in your attempt to sell.
Everyone has their reasons for selling. Know what your goals are and your timeline for accomplishing them. Make your agent your business partner. Advise him/her of your plans at the beginning of the sales process. This will help determine how you market the property and will even help shape the final terms of your sales contract.

Keeping your intentions secret from your agent will hinder their success rate. Sellers often get cold feet at the tail end of negotiations and the sale falls through. Don’t let this happen to you. You’ll only lose money and waste your time and theirs.

To help you be decisive it’s a good idea to get an independent appraisal on your property from a market valuer. This will tell you the true state of the market in your locality. You can’t afford to be over-optimistic. You’ll set your price too high and it will sit on the market longer than necessary. In the end, it will sell for less than if you started at the right price.

Give your agent time as well to create interest in your property, and be prepared to listen to what the market is telling you. If I can be of assistance in helping you to sell or if you have any questions, feel free to phone me on 0418 517 525 or to call into our friendly offices at Westpoint Shopping Centre to chat to one of our Sales Agents.

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