Friday, April 1, 2011

Go Green with Insulation

Government ministers call it “low-hanging fruit”. This is a term designating going green and still not changing your basic habits relative to electricity and gas consumption.

And one such “low-hanging” fruit is insulation. Not only does insulating your home mean you’re less susceptible to winter’s cold. But it also means you’re cooler in the summer heat. It’s one of the less sexier ways to go Green.

What insulation does is save you hundreds of dollars in electric bills, plus it cuts down on peak-load generation of electricity and, most importantly, reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Not bad for doing something so simple and sight unseen.

Yet despite all these benefits, householders are slow to respond with actually taking the step to install insulation. Incredibly, nearly 40 per cent of Australian homes—more than 2.7 million—are not insulated according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Worse yet, instead of seeking the cause of high energy bills, the proportion of homes with air-conditioners rose from 33 per cent in 1994 to 60 per cent in 2005. Ray Thompson of CSR Bradford Insulation calls this a “double whammy”, because it increases both energy inefficiency and greenhouse gases at the same time.

Insulating Australia’s 2.7 million non-insulated homes would cut greenhouse gas emissions by about 90 million tones by 2050, according to the Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand.

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