Thursday, March 26, 2009


If you are planning to sell a property, here are some useful tips.

Be sure to promote your property. Make sure you invest sufficient funds to allow your agent to do their job properly. Keeping your property a secret will hinder your chances of success.

Plan to use your funds to promote your property. Do not rely on agent-paid advertising. Skimping on advertising monies may come back to haunt you in the form of a lower selling price.

Let your agent tell you the best mix of newspaper, proper signage, internet, window cards, open inspections etc. A co-ordinated mix of strategies works best and your agent has all the experience of their other properties.

Maintain flexibility. Do not stick to your guns unnecessarily. If your marketing strategy is not working, then chance tack in one or more areas.

It is extra important to realise that an early offer in your sales campaign that's reasonable will often prove to be your best offer. Plus if you are buying then it will enable you to move more quickly to buy back into the same market, so you can also get a similar fair price.

You must also stay in tune with the market. While you cannot control it, you can at least follow it. Properties that are priced right always sell no matter what the market conditions happen to be.

If you have a question about real estate, or would like assistance in locating a property feel free to phone me.

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