Thursday, February 19, 2009


As Government subsidies mount there is a growing case for solar power, HERE'S HOW SOLAR POWER WORKS.

There are two basic ways of harnessing solar power for domestic use.

The first is to use it to heat your water. The second uses photovoltaic cells, known as solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity for powering lights and domestic appliances.

The amount of power generated is directly linked to the area covered by the solar panels.

The trick to solar power is to store the energy so it can be used at night. In rural areas where there are no power mains a battery system is needed. But in urban areas with power mains you can exchange electricity with the power grid.

The best part is watching your electric meter go backwards. This is when you build credits, then at night it goes in reverse. In this way, a household can use the power grid like a giant battery and the whole community benefits from having solar power generate part of its electricity.

The best part of investing in solar power is that it will always be a welcomed feature of the property and it insures against future price rises in electricity.

As time passes, government will keep raising its subsidies as well, making your investment more and more lucrative.

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