Monday, December 8, 2008

Investment Properties

Investment Properties Still Popular

Australians still love their property and in uncertain times in the stock market investments that you can touch and feel are getting increasing attention from investors.

Plus there are still plenty of areas where demand continues to be strong despite the higher interest rates and Logan is certainly one of them.

"Property as an investment class is always popular and Australian home ownership remains a fundamental part of the Australian psyche", comments Real Estate Institute of Australia president Noel Dyett.

Property fundamentals never change, too "what matters most is position, position, position. None of the fundamentals change regardless of whether interest rates are going up or down or bumping along" Dyett adds.

To understand position you need to look at transport, community amenities and schools.

"climate, convenience and lifestyle are the overriding factors driving property hot spots" according the Bernard Salt, KPMG partner. "But if you can add another factor - like infrastructure - it will give a burst of appeal because if the lifestyle equation of the town changes overnight it can have a rapid effect on property values".

Record migration levels, rental property short shortages and a generation of baby boomer's looking to re-locate are some of the forces behind price buoyancy.

One thing to remember in investing, make sure you can service you debt. There maybe a dearth of rental properties but you can't keep increasing rent forever to meet higher interest rate costs.

If you are interested in viewing investment properties or have and investment query feel free to phone me Noel Thompson Principal Professionals Logan Lifestyles on 04185 517 525 or call into our friendly offices at Browns Plains or Waterford for immediate assistance.

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